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Prior to your initial consultation with Glass Design Studios, we recommend that you complete our free estimate form. This questionnaire will provide us with information that can help facilitate our discussions.

At the initial consultation, I meet with the client and/or designer to look over essential project elements such as the building's architecture, furniture, artwork, fabrics, etc. Then for ideas, we look through a sampling my of beveled and stained glass design books and note any of my works they find appealing. We will also discuss the use of color, or non-color, glass texture and light/privacy issues that are necessary for the design. During our consultation, I will often draw a thumbnail sketch to capture the "essence" of the client's vision for his/her final product.

I then take measurements at the home, church or business, or work with the builder to come up with dimensions for the final panel(s). After that I will create a small, scale drawing of the final work. When that has been completed, I meet again with the client(s), where I show them my drawing(s) along with some glass samples. Together, we look over and select the colors and textures which will best accomplish the desired effect.

Once the project details have been established, I provide the client with an estimate, which can change, depending on the use of bevels, special inserts or hand blown glasses. When the price has been finalized, GDS asks for 1/2 to 1/3 of the price as deposit (depending on the size of the job). We build it and have it ready by the decided deadline.

Glass Design Studios provide installation, if needed, or work with the builder and their crew to deliver the work, and be there – hands on – installing it. Installation is additional – cost is determined by location and hours. Final payment is due upon completion.

Pricing Includes:
Shop drawings
Glass samples
Materials & fabrication for glass panel(s) & structural frame construction

Additional Costs:
Installation cost is determined by location and hours

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